Friday, December 4, 2015


I bake bread every 10 to 12 days, slice them when cool and freeze the slices double wrapped in heavy freezer plastic bags. When ready to use, I defrost the slices and they are almost like fresh.

I start with 7 cups flour (about ¾ bread flour and ¼ whole wheat or rye) and bake either two loaves (close to 3 pounds of bread) or, more commonly, one large loaf and eight 3-ounce rolls.

I like to add various seeds (often caraway or fennel, sometimes coarsely crushed black pepper), occasionally wheat berries that I soak overnight otherwise the berries remain hard in the final bread. At my last baking project I added cooked barley (about ½ cup barley before cooking), and the bread turned out especially delicious—rich in flavor and moist but with good crust.

Try it. You may use either regular or quick-cooking barley.

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