Friday, September 4, 2015


Most of us dedicated cooks use one of the most useful of small kitchen appliances, the food processor quite often. Its powerful electric motor, its sturdy bowl never fail us. We rely on it the way we rely on our automobile, giving it no thoughts about its working unfailingly. Yet after grinding, chopping, puréeing for many months, the steel blade eventually gets dull—it needs sharpening.

You are meticulous having your knives razor sharp for efficient kitchen work. The food processor blade is not going to work well if not sharp. Every few months it pays to sharpen it—it takes no more than two minutes.

 I use my old-fashioned oil stone, sharpening with the coarse side first both bottom and top of the blade, than with more gentle pressure with the fine side of the stone, making sure to align the stone at the original angle of the blade. If you have a flat steel sharpener, you can do the same.

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