Thursday, October 15, 2015


One of my favorite ways with potatoes takes three cooking stages and three ingredients—it’s not quick but it’s worth the time spent.

The ingredients are potatoes, onion and paprika and a bit of oil for pan-roasting roast.

I take a pound of russets, peel and dice them into fairly large irregular chunks, size of walnuts. I cook them in salted boiling water for about nine minutes until they are partially cooked but still slightly firm. I drain the pot and set the potatoes aside.

I chop about half a cup (2 oz) of onion and sauté them gently in a teaspoon of vegetable oil until just beginning to soften, about five minutes, and add 2 teaspoons of paprika (it may be smoked paprika). Stir the paprika into the onion and let gently cook for half a minute so stirring constantly so the paprika slightly caramelizes.

I remove the onion from the pan and set aside and wipe the pan clean.

Adding a teaspoon of vegetable oil to the same pan I heat it until fairly hot and add the potatoes with half teaspoon salt to gently pan-roast for about 35 minutes, stirring often until the potatoes are browning. You may need to roast them longer until browned to your taste, and may add a little more oil as needed.

Just before serving I add the onion to the potatoes, stir well and continue heating for a few minutes. You have a wonderful side dish serving four.

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